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An Escape From Your Escape

Your bedroom suite is your chance to relax, recharge, and escape from the outside world. But what happens when you feel like you need an escape from your escape? That’s exactly what a client was struggling with in her own home.

Our client wanted to update this master bathroom and it was clear why. He was sharing his most private space with the washer and dryer, and the room was so poorly laid out that he felt like the walls were caving in on him. He wanted to completely redesign his master bath and also create a laundry room off of the narrow main hallway.

After our initial meeting and conversation about what was possible in making this transformation a reality, we created a set of schematic drawings, complete with demolition, new work and reflected ceiling plans to document all the design decisions.

Once cleared and approved, we went to work on making it a reality.

First thing first, a copper tub was selected so our client can now have a nice long soak at the end of each day, and by rearranging the shower, we increased the usable space by five-times the original size.

Next we added tall pull out storage solutions and incorporated power within so all devices could be stored away and out of sight.

Finally, the washer and dryer now have a home off the hallway and we were even able to situate a linen closet with a hamper that’s accessible from both the bathroom and the laundry room.

The new layout flows effortlessly and increases the peace in his home.

If your master bathroom feels more like a pit stop instead of an oasis, then let’s connect.

Book a Design Destination Session and let’s bring lasting peace and relaxation you can enjoy at home everyday too!


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