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All In The Family

Time is the one of the only guarantees in life. There is a season for everyone and everything, and having multigenerational homes are becoming more normal and desired in the United States.

A client recently reached out to us because she wanted to convert a guest room into a livable space for her 70-year father-in-law. It was decided that having him join them in their home was a chance to spend the most amount of quality time together, as well as ensure he was comfortable and thrived in this new chapter in life.

The biggest hurdle they faced was how to fit 30 years of “stuff” into this one 11x12 room, while maintaining style and creating comfort for him.

She reached out to us to help solve this design challenge and we were game to make it happen.

During her Design Destination Session, we got to the heart of how to combine her aesthetic with her father-in-law's storage and must have items for the room. We created a timeline and overall plan for how to create this new home-away-from-home for her father-in-law.

We came up with a few solutions to maintain the desired look of the room while minimizing clutter, incorporating sentimental keepsakes of a life well lived, and adding vibrant patterns and color through textiles and décor.

The outcome was exactly what they wanted and more!

Now her father-in-law feels at home in his new space, his daily needs are met for living his best life while also doing it in style.

If you have a design challenge, whether it’s incorporating new design or a new family member into your home, then the first step is to book a Design Destination Session.

During this session you’ll get straight answers about your design from a professional interior designer, as well as a chance to define a plan for getting the beautiful end result you are looking for and deserve in your home.


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