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You're (New) Favorite Destination

Making your home your favorite destination can be a little tricky and this is exactly what a client wanted.

She wanted to transform her home to feel as if she were entering a boutique resort when she came home after long hours at the office.

She wanted to create a “wow factor” for everyone who stepped foot into her home. She wanted it to feel like a space for entertaining by incorporating her husband’s musical instruments and providing an upscale cocktail bar vibe to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. She also wanted to abandon her farmhouse style and furniture, and upgrade it for a more upscale and dramatic estetic.

The problem was she had no idea where to start. It was difficult for her to edit what she was visualizing in her head and to convert it to reality.

That’s when she reached out to us.

After our initial meeting and discovering the look, feel, and function she desired for entertaining and day-to-day living.This is exactly what we love to create at Life by Design Interiors and were game to make it happen for her!

We were able to nail down the design plan quickly and get to work on making it all come to life.

She trusted my vision and the process, and was thrilled beyond belief (and even cried tears of joy) when we revealed the completed project to her.

If you’re looking to transform your home, to feel like you’re returning to your favorite hotel or lounge at the end of each work day, then let’s connect!

The first step is to book a Design Destination Session so we can take your desires and make them reality!


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